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Anti Conflict Procedures                                                             Click here to go back

The following procedures must be followed by all users of Redlands Airfield in order to minimise any potential for conflict and to ensure the safe use of the Airfield for all. These procedures have been agreed between the user groups and form part of the Airfield Procedures Manual.

Parachuting does not obstruct the microlighting activity at Redlands in any way. We operate a busy flying school and active club and the user groups meet up regularly to ensure that the procedures we have in place are working.

Visitors are always very welcome at Redlands. If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. 

  1. Radio

All visitors to Redlands Airfield must be on radio.

Skydive London Drop Zone Control will be responsible for the Airfield radio on jump days, operating on the microlight frequency 129.825.

  • All aircraft approaching Redlands to call Redlands DZ on 129.825 about five nautical miles from the Airfield for clearance to enter the circuit. Ask for parachuting information and advise your intention to land at Redlands.

  • Redlands DZ will advise if parachuting is active or if the airfield is open to air traffic.

  • If parachuting is in progress hold 2 nm from the Airfield and wait for clearance from DZ Control.

  1. Ground to Air Visual Information


  • A white cross in the Drop Zone (in front of the large grey hangar) indicates parachuting is in progress. The Airfield is closed to all traffic. No engines are to be started or run and props turning must be shut down.
  • When the cross is ‘pulled in’ there is no parachuting and the Airfield is open to all traffic.

General Parachuting Information

  • The jump aircraft climbs within a 3 mile radius of Redlands.
  • Parachutists exit the aircraft upwind, up to 2 miles from the Airfield.
  • When a jump is in progress the airfield is closed for no more than 10 minutes

In an Emergency

There are two local airfields to Redlands, all of which can be used in an emergency. These are Lotmead Farm to the NW and Lower Upham to the South of the M4

(call on safety comm frequency  135.475)


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